When costs start to spiral out of control, we can help create a leaner and more efficient operation; driving down overtime costs and help prevent a costly retrenchment exercise. We work closely with procurement and financial functions to ensure that every rand you spend is working hard to create the value you require.

We focus on understanding where the key value levers and pulling those levers to get the maximum results for our clients. It’s about simplicity, pace and optimising the results.


Public procurement is big business as it implies significant flows of money. Public Sector procurement is key for any economy as it is a powerful lever to achieve economic, environmental, technological, and social goals.

In recent years, the amount of procurement expenditure has increased, and with it, public demand. The South African public procurement market is very large, and the range of economic sectors covered is as wide as the needs of Government to function properly and deliver services to SA citizens.

Typical Client issues that we would help them overcome include:

  • Erosion of expected benefits post-sourcing and / or money left on the table.
  • Key supplier(s) is monopolistic / oligopolistic.
  • Relationships with key suppliers are solely focused on costs not strategic value.
  • The supply chain is not considered a true business partner.
  • Long, inefficient “tail” of smaller suppliers.
  • Procure-to-pay processes are sub-optimal and enable “value-leakage”.
  • Inefficiencies in operations making you uncompetitive.
  • Irregular expenditure / “maverick” spend.
  • No rigorous policies or procedures in place to guide key procurement activities.
  • Working capital stubbornly refuses to reduce.


  1. Procurement and supply chain diagnostics and strategy
  2. Full integration of supply with critical functions
  3. Strategic sourcing and supplier relationship management
  4. Contract management
  5. Creating world-class procurement teams using best practise


  • Extract benefits from strategic sourcing and contract re-negotiation
  • Halt erosion of expected benefits post-sourcing and / or money left on the table
  • Relationships with key suppliers are transformed from being solely focused on costs to focus on strategic value
  • Reduction of the long “tail” of smaller suppliers
  • Reduce the inefficiencies in operations making you uncompetitive
  • Identify irregular expenditure / “maverick” spend and develop actions to minimise/eliminate
  • Need for skills upliftment of procurement staff
  • Reduce qualified audits / non-compliance with legislation
  • Reduce working capital that stubbornly stays high

Product Lead – Supply Chain Management:

Priyesh Ramlall
George Malebaco


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management

Email:, or

Contact Number: 011 797 6800