We assist our clients to manage the business and organisational risks associated with the use information systems and to extract value from their investments in IT. We primarily focus on identifying IT risks that impact performance, evaluating controls in place to manage those risks, implementing short-term measures to mitigate the identified risks, and building sustainable solutions to improve the overall controls environment.

A sound security posture which integrates both physical and logical domains allows organisations to better secure their assets. Hackers and/ or intruders no longer hide in dark basements; they walk among us. They make use of various social engineering attacks to gain access to your information and with our specialist consulting, auditing and penetration testing services, you can protect your most valuable asset, your information.


Emerging technology and infrastructure changes, transformation, innovation, disruption
IT security and privacy/cybersecurity
Resource/staffing/skills challenges
Infrastructure management
Cloud computing/virtualisation
Bridging IT and the business
Big data and analytics
Project management and change management
Regulatory compliance
Budgets and controlling costs


Our focus is to assist organisations to address risks and performance relating to the use of information technology. We offer the following to our clients: IT risk consulting, IT assurance, IT advisory services, IT controls services and data analytics.

Our technical approach and methodology address all requirements of the Information Technology audits and clearly outlines approaches followed in the performance of IT Governance, General Controls Reviews, Specialised Information Security Reviews, Application Controls Reviews, Data Analytics Reviews and Project Assurance. Our work is performed in line with the COBIT principles and the Corporate Governance.

We assist clients to manage business and organisational risks associated with the use information systems and to extract value from the investment in IT.


Our IT Audit assists through following our risk assessment methodology to:

Reduce risks related to availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.
Improve reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of IT systems.
Improve security of information assets and reduce the threat of cyber-attacks.
Enhance IT governance.
Improve overall control environment.

Product Lead – IT Audit & Technology Consulting:
Thato Mahlamvu
Lindiwe Maseko


  • B. Com (IS)
  • Higher Diploma in Computer Auditing (HDIPP)
  • Senior Leadership programme (focusing on Project Management)
  • Next Generation Leadership Programme