SkX boasts qualified and experienced industry leads for each service offering. Should you have questions regarding a specific service or would like us to assist you with a project relating to the service, scroll down to the bottom of the specific service page and contact the industry lead directly.
When costs start to spiral out of control, we can help create a leaner and more efficient operation; driving down overtime costs and help prevent a costly retrenchment exercise. We work closely with procurement and financial functions to ensure that every rand you spend is working hard to create the value you require.
SkX’s Performance Improvement services provide unique expertise to assist our clients to remain competitive by process re-engineering, re-designing and improving their business processes and procedures thereby improving business performance. Our team uses logic-based tools to identify and describe cause-effect relationships that may help to determine core problems that cause the undesirable effects (UDEs) in the processes. Our experts have a wide range of diagnostic tools required to unlock value from business processes and procedures.
The role of internal auditing within organisations is to assess and determine the extent to which the design of governance, risk management and internal controls structures and processes is logical, efficient and cost-effective (i.e. whether GRC structures and processes are adequate), and whether the GRC structures and processes assessed as adequate are utilised effectively by the organisation.
Our Forensic Audit Services unit consists of lawyers, auditors, accountants, IT specialists and seasoned investigators to ensure that we can service the forensic auditing needs of our clients. Our investigators excel in the forensic environment due to their specialised detective and commercial crime investigation training by world renowned experts and institutions.
Improving the quality of financial reports to stakeholders, enhancing compliance with the accounting standards and providing support capabilities to finance teams. Today we live in an era of radical transparency, promoting a rethinking of corporate reporting.
SkX’s goal is that of discovering useful insight, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making data.  The main purpose of data analysis is to look at what the data is trying to tell us. Our multiple facets and approaches focuses on modelling and knowledge discovery for predictive rather than purely descriptive purposes.
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