Johannesburg, South Africa, April 14, 2020

To help companies and other organisations facing operational disruption, working remotely and other challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, global consulting firm SkX Protiviti is now offering complimentary curated content from its Knowledge Leader subscription website for free to the business community. Knowledge Leader hosts a variety of content on enterprise resilience topics including business continuity management, disaster recovery, cash flow management, supply chain risk, anti-fraud and change management, among others. Additional Knowledge Leader complimentary will be released free-of-charge every Monday through to May 31, 2020.

Knowledge Leader content includes policies, charters, guides, methodologies, templates and checklists as well as publications and articles, all providing leading practices for what is a normally dynamic business environment and is now one that is changing day to day.

“We know this is a very challenging time for everyone and we want to help organisations manage through it as effectively as possible”, said Lindani Dhlamini, CEO of SkX Protiviti. “This small gesture of making the proven tools, policies and other useful materials available through Knowledge Leader will help risk management, compliance, audit and operations professionals save time, expand their knowledge base and add value to their functions. We hope by making this content freely available to everyone now, we can enable them in making their operations more resilient and better able to face the future with more confidence.”

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