Review of end to end Tender Process

Business Unit:                 Business Consulting

Competency Lead:         Supply Chain Management

Project:                               Review of end to end Tender Process

Client Profile:

Broadband Infraco SOC is a licensed state-owned company in the telecommunications sector.

It is intended to improve market efficiency in the long-distance connectivity segment by increasing available long-distance network infrastructure.

It will also avail capacity to stimulate private sector innovation in telecommunications services and content offerings.

Broadband Infraco provides long distance national and international connectivity to licensed private sector partners, license-exempt project of national importance and to previously underserviced areas.

Business Challenges:

Broadband Infraco required the services of an auditor firm to review an end-to-end tender process (from publication to award). This was done on behalf of BBI’s internal audit department.

The tender process review focused on the following elements:

  • Declaration – Ensure that all members declare their interests and perhaps even verify.
  • Evaluators – Ensure that the evaluators don’t change and that they are registered accordingly.
  • Technical Evaluation steps – Audit each evaluation step and eliminate big gaps in the scores by asking clarifying questions.
  • Commercial Evaluation – Verify the scoring, price, BEE, Sub-contracting etc.
  • Evaluation Report – Analyse the evaluation report that it is in line with the evaluations done.
  • Sign-off – Ensure report is signed by all members and sign-off the report.

How SkX Helped:

The business was assisted by reviewing the Tender as follows:

  • Verifying that no late tenders were accepted and evaluated; and
  • Verifying whether all tenders received were recorded in the tender register.
  • Reviewing of the tender evaluation sheets and scores in terms of BBI evaluation criteria; and
  • Recalculation of the evaluation score sheets computation to check for completeness and accuracy.
  • Establishing whether the shortlisting of suppliers was based on the approved pre-determined evaluation criteria communicated in the tender enquiry;
  • Verifying that Confidentiality and Declaration of Interest forms were completed by all BBI officials involved in the procurement process; and
  • Reviewing the tender evaluation process followed and assess whether any biasedness was applied towards selected vendors
  • Reviewing of final recommendation and submission documents; and
  • Reviewing the reports submitted to relevant procurement committees to ensure alignment with the sourcing strategy document, RFP document and evaluation result.

What Added value we provided client:

SKX provided assurance of the tender process. The tender process that was undertaken by Broadband Infraco followed due processes and complied with Broadband Infraco policies and applicable legislation.

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